About us

Gain the advantages of partnering with O P Jindal University’s’ Center for Corporate Education and Training (CCET). You receive a strategic solution, competitive pricing and quick response times. When working with us, you can expect to experience a strategic approach to the education or training solution, which ensures that it has noteworthy, relevant impact.


We at CCET believe that people are the greatest assets of any organization. We are aware that organizations are relying on their own employees to take up new roles in the same organizations to move ahead in their career. Training & Development is the key to upgrade their work capabilities to the required expertise. CCET develops programs to support the people that make the organizations thrive. We operate in a dynamic business environment and it is important that training methodologies are current, push boundaries and bring about actionable change in the participants.


CCET is equipped with the right resources, knowledge of skills and tools required to train manpower in various levels and across various sectors. The following are the objective of CCET:

  • To serve the education and training needs of the corporate through innovative and sustainable training solutions

  • To offer tailor-made training solutions after assessing the specific training needs of the corporate through interaction with the HR.

  • To train the employees through high quality professional development programs.

  • To employ current and effective training methodologies.

  • To prepare the participants to face challenges and meet opportunities at the workplace by providing them with the right kind of knowledge of skills and tools.

  • To bring about actionable change in the participants.


O P Jindal University’s education and training is conducted by facilitators with years of practical experience in the field, in organization and employee development, as well as with significant academic credentials.

All education and training programs are comprehensive and interactive, O P Jindal University’s’ facilitators believe in a holistic approach, utilizing experiential learning. We will include group exercises, case studies, role-playing, benchmarking and other activities to ensure participation and practical application.


O P Jindal University’s’ facilitators will tailor any training conducted for your organization to your mission, goals and objectives. The administrator and facilitator will take the time to know your organization's culture and strategic objectives, as well as the industry and environment in which you operate.

In addition to the facilitator providing the training, you will also receive the added value of having an experienced professional oversee all aspects of the education and training programs, from start to finish.


In partnering with O P Jindal University to provide these services, your organization will benefit from high-quality service at competitive rates. The cost effective, customized education and training programs outstanding facilitation, participant materials, certificates of completion and pre- and post-program planning and evaluation.

CCET prides itself on having in its team a panel of distinguished faculty who are recognized as authorities in their field of study. A partial list of the people driving CCET are:

  • Dr Mahesh Bhiwapurkar, Director, Centre for Corporate education and training

  • Dr Shesadev Nayak, Professor and Head, School of Management

  • Dr Prashant S. Bokare, Dean School of Engineering.

  • Dr. Ashok K. Srivastava, Professor and Head (Metallurgy), School of Engineering

  • Dr Sidhharth Chakrabarty, Professor & Head-Mechanical Department

  • Dr Saket Jeswani, Associate Professor, School of Management

  • Dr. Girish Mishra, Dean – School of Science

  • Prof. Pradeep Chauhan, Assistant Professor (EEE), School of Engineering

  • Dr M Kalyan Phani, Assistant Professor (Metallurgy), School of Engineering

  • Prof. Vinod Nagpure, Assistant Professor (Civil), School of Engineering

  • Prof. Umashankar Pandey, Assistant Professor (Computer Science), School of Engineering

  • Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh, Professor, Humanities