Community Innovation Challenge - 2018

The OPJU Community Innovation Challenge is an initiative to help unleash our immense strength and potential for innovation especially among the younger generation - the students in schools.

About Community Innovation Challenge

We are living in times when continuous innovation is vital for the health of an individual, society and nation alike. It is the ability to nurture and ensure continuous innovation that drives development of any nation and well-being of its citizens. With demographic dividend on our side, India is poised for a huge opportunity for growth. OP Jindal University (OPJU) believes that the key to innovation lies not only in big labs, research organizations and large corporations but also in the minds of millions of our youth. Innovation is the habit that needs to be cultivated in young minds if any nation has to make a mark in innovation. The OPJU Community Innovation Challenge is an initiative to help unleash immense strength and potential of our school students. The University has chosen to espouse this initiative given its own ethos of innovation and learning-by-doing, a theme it follows in all its programs, pedagogy and research.

The format of a competition is such that students, guided by their teachers and mentors, will describe, conceptualize, and build on an innovative idea in selected areas of social importance. Students can further give shape to their ideas by prototyping and demonstrating them. In times to come, we are quite sure that the Challenge will also bring to life a number of ideas and innovation which will transcend this initiative and may well lead to social and commercial start-ups spurring community-benefitting entrepreneurship.

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