The School of Management, OP Jindal University was launched in 2015 and has been offering short-term learning courses in areas of Leadership development, operations,supply chain management, finance and strategy to working professionals and senior executives through its MDP wing. The School also draws on the rich legacy of highly acclaimed schools of Law, Liberal arts and Management established at our sister Institution - Jindal Global University in National Capital Region in 2009.

The School of Management will accept students in the Graduate and Postgraduate degree programs of the University in 2016. The curriculum and teaching for these programs to senior professionals and faculty from these Organizations in course of the program. 

 Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA degree program is a 2 year full-time course for students with prior graduate degree in any discipline. The program goes beyond helping students imbibe the principles of general management, where most MBA programs end, to developing personal and professional leadership capabilities aimed at achieving one's full potential.

The program takes advantage of the unique access and situation of the University, offering one of the strongest foundation and specialization in the country in area of "Operations" encompassing supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, design, finance, and marketing & sales

MBA Program for WorkingProfessionals

The MBA program for working professionals is a unique program designed for the lifelong learner inthe early part of their career, who wants to continuously upgrade his/her skills, remain relevant, butcannot afford to give up his current state of employment. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy isfocused towards the people with experience, with a case based methodology allowing an environmentof rich interactions in the classroom amongst faulty, peers, and industry experts.

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA program is a 3 year full-time course, intended as the first degree which helps students develop a well-rounded skill set to enter the world of business. Students study a diverse set of subjects covering the fundamentals of business management and gain an understanding of major areas of global business. With this foundation, students are well positioned to go for further specialization in disciplines such as Finance, Marketing & Sales, Analytic's, Operations or pursue a more general management oriented path at work or study.
It is a 2 year (4 semester program) Modular Approach – Each with a specific focus to build business essential skills,professional expertise, leadership skills,ability to manage businesses, and a live industry project as a capstone.

  • Classes meet on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Full time faculty with global experience
  • Additional 5-6 hours of work is expected from students while not on campus doing project based learning each week
  • Cohort based learning with strong emphasis oncollaboration and peer to peer learning.

Distinctive approach to Management education

The School of Management believes in helping our students achieve their true potential. A number of innovative approaches in design and teaching are incorporated in the programs, making it an outstanding learning experience and opportunity for growth & development for the students.

  • All courses incorporate a learning by doing a experiential component, allowing students to explore real life problems in real environments, interacting with industry professionals. This includes Industry connects for real project exposure and learning
  • LEAP: Leadership excellence and Professional Development: An integrated program that runs across the entire duration of the degree programs emphasizing managerial communications, leadership development, entrpreneurship, teamwork and collaboraboration, and employability enhancement initiatives.
  • "Business Leaders" Roundtable Series Once for each Module
  • Cohort based first year with built-in team work and project integration
  • Domestic Residency to include a one-week out of station program for industry connect