School Of Engineering

M. Tech Programme

The various M Tech programmes offered by the University uniformly maintains the basic structure and philosophy of the post-graduate education in engineering & technology. All these programmes have three basic components: course work, series of research seminars and internship/industrial training.

The course work of these programmes has been further classified into two major categories: Core Courses and Elective Courses. The core courses are aimed at imparting knowledge of the relevant basics analytical-tools & techniques, supplemented by elective (professional) courses. Core courses of a particular programme are compulsory for all the students registered in that programme. Elective courses are of the professional nature. Eligibility for a degree, a student must complete requisite number of core and elective courses. However, to bring in flexibility a wide choice of electives has been offered to the students in order to make their training broad based.

At present the University offering M. Tech Programs in the following areas:

S. No. Specialization Department
 1 Material Science & Technology Metallurgical Engineering
 2 Power Plant Engineering and Energy Management Mechanical Engineering
 3 Power Electronics and Power System Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 4 Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering
 5 Applied Mathematics and Computing Computer Science and Engineering