About Us

The Center for Research Excellence (CRE) has been established at OP Jindal University (OPJU), Raigarh which aims to nurture research culture at the university into challenging areas of Engineering, Technology, Science, Humanities and Management, including multidisciplinary fields. The CRE is a faculty-initiated activity at OPJU designed to increase the impact and prominence of scholarly research throughout the university. Under the auspices of the University Research Committee, the CRE will promote advancement, leadership and excellence in the pursuit of all areas of research, university-wide. The core of the CRE will be a group of OPJU faculty experts who are both accomplished and committed to promoting a culture of research excellence @OPJU


  • Promote a culture of research and scholarship amongst the faculty.
  • Become a central repository of all research related activities.
  • Vet and approve all research related activities.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The Department is actively involved in various research activities in the emerging areas. The faculty, students and researchers carry out research inthe core domains and inter-disciplinary areas related to computer science The university has state-of-the-art research labs and adequate computing facilities to cater to the needs of Research activities:

  • Intel Intelligence Systems Lab in association with Intel Inc and FICE and serves the purpose of IoTand Embedded systems reserach.
  • We have MATLAB 2011 (30 users) with toolboxes like SIMULINK, Image Processing, DSP, Wavelet, control systems, communication, SIMSCAT etc, TETCOS networks etc, IBM Rational SEED (30 users).
  • Research scholars are encouraged to use Free Open Source Software like NS2, LAMP, PROLOG, HADOOP etc for research and project work
  • High end servers for cloud storage and computing.
  • Access to IEEE, Springer and other scholarly journals and books.

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering, O.P. Jindal University,is providing the Technical support/consultancy services to Jindal Steel &Power Limited , Raigarh for its upcoming four lane road project from Raigarh to Pathalgaon of 110 kms. The dept. is providing testing support for material testing of soil, compressive strengthdetermination, Bitumen testing & many more related fields as per the requirements from JSPL officials from time to time.

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories.
We have in EEE department the research facilities in the field of Power electronics, Electric drive and Electrical power system with the simulation facilities through MATLAB and Mi-Power software. Following research facilities are available at the department.


  • Power Electronics.
  • Electric Drives.
  • Transmission Line Simulator.
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller.
  • MATLAB software.
  • Mi-Power software.

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories.
We, at the department pursue first class research on materials processing as well as materials development. Major fields of research focus is towards ancient iron making, structure property correlations in materials, metal matrix composites, advanced high strength steels, superalloys, powder metallurgy and probing physical properties at nanoscales. The department possess first class equipment which is useful to pursue extensive research in various emerging fields. Following research facilities are available at the department.


  • Metallography laboratory.
  • Materials Processing Laboratory.
  • Materials Testing Laboratory.
  • Met/Chemical Analysis Laboratory.
  • Mineral Dressing Laboratory.
  • Corrosion research Laboratory.
  • Fuels, Furnaces and Refractory Laboratory.
  • Tribology and surface engineering Laboratory.
  • Computer Laboratory.
  • Composite Materials Laboratory.
  • NDT Laboratory.
  • Foundry Laboratory.
  • Heat Treatment Laboratory.
  • Joining of Materials.
  • Materials Engineering Laboratory.
  • Magnetic Materials Research Laboratory.
  • Microscopy and SEM Laboratory.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

There is an excellent research environment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at OP Jindal University, underpinned by very well-established links with industry, and a focus on activity which is agenda setting and aimed at issues of present day industry need. Research is organized into three cross-cutting, inter-disciplinary themes: Sustainable Engineering and Innovation in utilization of solar Energy. Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration. More burning and upcoming area of Robotics and Automation.

  Project Title: Assessment of Traffic Noise & its abatement for National Highways passing through Chhattisgarh Region.
Project Amount: Rs.3,50,000/-
Principal Investigator: Prof. Gurmeet Singh Vij
Department:  Civil Engineering

  Project Title: Design and Development of bi-directional DC-DC converter for energy management.
Project Amount: Rs.4,50,000/-
Principal Investigator: Dr. R.D Patidar
Department:  Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  Project Title: Designing Dynamic speech Recognition with fusion of audio & video signal
Project Amount: Rs.5,00,000/-
Principal Investigator: Mrs. Vijeta Verma
Co-Principal Investigator: Mr.Pradeep Singh Chauhan
Department:  Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Current Key Research Areas

Concerned Faculty Name

1 Advanced High Strength Steels Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
2 Characterization of Materials Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
3 Tribology Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
4 Electrometallurgy and Corrosion Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
5 Powder Metallurgy Mr. Md. Izhar Hussain
Mr. Nandalal Acharjee
6 Iron Making and Steel Making Mr. C. B. Singh
Mr. Izhar Hussain
7 Superalloys and Light metals Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
8 Composite Materials and Ceramics Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Mr. Nandalal Acharjee
Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
9 Structure-property correlations in materials Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
10 Non-Destructive Testing Dr. M. Kalyan Phani
Mr. Neeraj Kr. Verma
11 Welding and Joining Mr. C.B. Singh