About R & D Cell

Research and Development Cell (RDC) has been established at OP Jindal University (OPJU), Raigarh which aims to nurture research culture at the university into challenging areas of Engineering, Technology, Science, Humanities and Management, including multidisciplinary fields. The RDC is a faculty-initiated activity at OPJU designed to impact and prominence of scholarly research throughout the university. Under the auspices of the University Research Committee, the RDC will promote advancement, leadership and excellence in the pursuit of all areas of research, university-wide. The core of the RDC will be a group of OPJU faculty experts who are both accomplished and committed to promoting a culture of research excellence at OPJU.


  • Promote a culture of research and scholarship amongst the faculty.
  • Become a central repository of all research related activities.
  • Vet and approve all research related activities.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The Department is actively involved in various research activities in the emerging areas. The faculty, students and researchers carry out research inthe core domains and inter-disciplinary areas related to computer science The university has state-of-the-art research labs and adequate computing facilities to cater to the needs of Research activities:

  • Intel Intelligence Systems Lab in association with Intel Inc and FICE and serves the purpose of IoTand Embedded systems reserach.
  • We have MATLAB 2011 (30 users) with toolboxes like SIMULINK, Image Processing, DSP, Wavelet, control systems, communication, SIMSCAT etc, TETCOS networks etc, IBM Rational SEED (30 users).
  • Research scholars are encouraged to use Free Open Source Software like NS2, LAMP, PROLOG, HADOOP etc for research and project work
  • High end servers for cloud storage and computing.
  • Access to IEEE, Springer and other scholarly journals and books.

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering, O.P. Jindal University,is providing the Technical support/consultancy services to Jindal Steel &Power Limited , Raigarh for its upcoming four lane road project from Raigarh to Pathalgaon of 110 kms. The dept. is providing testing support for material testing of soil, compressive strengthdetermination, Bitumen testing & many more related fields as per the requirements from JSPL officials from time to time.

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories.
We have in EEE department the research facilities in the field of Power electronics, Electric drive and Electrical power system with the simulation facilities through MATLAB and Mi-Power software. Following research facilities are available at the department.


  • Power Electronics.
  • Electric Drives.
  • Transmission Line Simulator.
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller.
  • MATLAB software.
  • Mi-Power software.

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories.
We, at the department pursue first class research on materials processing as well as materials development. Major fields of research focus is towards ancient iron making, structure property correlations in materials, metal matrix composites, advanced high strength steels, superalloys, powder metallurgy and probing physical properties at nanoscales. The department possess first class equipment which is useful to pursue extensive research in various emerging fields. Following research facilities are available at the department.


  • Metallography laboratory.
  • Materials Processing Laboratory.
  • Materials Testing Laboratory.
  • Met/Chemical Analysis Laboratory.
  • Mineral Dressing Laboratory.
  • Corrosion research Laboratory.
  • Fuels, Furnaces and Refractory Laboratory.
  • Tribology and surface engineering Laboratory.
  • Computer Laboratory.
  • Composite Materials Laboratory.
  • NDT Laboratory.
  • Foundry Laboratory.
  • Heat Treatment Laboratory.
  • Joining of Materials.
  • Materials Engineering Laboratory.
  • Magnetic Materials Research Laboratory.
  • Microscopy and SEM Laboratory.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

There is an excellent research environment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at OP Jindal University, underpinned by very well-established links with industry, and a focus on activity which is agenda setting and aimed at issues of present day industry need. Research is organized into three cross-cutting, inter-disciplinary themes: Sustainable Engineering and Innovation in utilization of solar Energy. Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration. More burning and upcoming area of Robotics and Automation.


  • CAD/CAM Laboratory.
  • Robotics Laboratory.
  • Materials Testing Laboratory.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.
  • Solar Energy Laboratory.
  • Energy Conversion Laboratory.
  • Mechanical Vibration Testing Laboratory.
  • Central Workshop.
  • Quality Control and Production Management Laboratory.
  • Advanced Heat Transfer Laboratory.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory.
  • Machine Design Laboratory.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab.
  • Power Plant Engineering Laboratory.

  Project Title: Development of a prototype device for oxygen separation from air, a strategic technological solution to control the food spoilage to International Cooperation Bilateral scheme (DST- India and MSTR - Sri Lanka).
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Sibnath Kayal(PI)
Funding Agency: International Cooperation Bilateral scheme
Status:  On-Going

  Project Title: "Tailoring the properties of 2D materials using WO3 and MoO3 nanostructures"
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. R. S. Singh (Co-PI)
Funding Agency: UGC-DAE CSR
Status:  On-Going

  Project Title: Utilization of micro-fines generated in agglomeration process to enhance the plant productivity.
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. M. Kalyan Phani (Subject Matter Expert)
Funding Agency: UGC STRIDE Project, Kazi Nazrul University
Status:  On-Going

  Project Title: Filing Machine Tool.
Name of the Faculty and Role: Prof. Bhandarkar(PI)
Funding Agency: UBA, IIT Delhi
Status:  On-Going

  Project Title: Preparation of a high-temperature non-sticky refractory-based coating material with a low wear rate for use in a rotary kiln to avoid accretion formation and to improve its refractory lining life.
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. S. Das (Steel Chair Professor), Dr. Trinath Talapaneni (Asst. Prof.), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: S Das, DRI, JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Samples has been collected from 11 places in the kiln and characterization is being carried out. Final product will also be characterized. Fund is yet to receive.

  Project Title: Optimisation of compositions and processing parameters for reducing crack susceptibility of micro alloyed steel.
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Rajesh Jha (Asso. Prof.), Dr. S. Das (Steel Chair Professor) Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Rajesh Jha, SMS, JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Continuous casting Data requested and awaiting for the data for simulation work.

  Project Title: Utilization of Submerged Arc Furnace Slag
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Trinath Talapaneni (Asst. Prof.), Dr. S. Das (Steel Chair Professor), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Trinath Talapaneni, SAF, JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Samples have been prepared and mechanical testing need to be carried out.

  Project Title: Value added utilization of Fly Ash for sustainable solution
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Sibnath Kayal (Asso. Prof.), Dr. Trinath Talapaneni (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Mahashakti Mahamaya (Asst. Prof.) and Dr. S. Das (Steel Chair Professor), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Sibnath Kayal, Plant No. 2, Jindal Power Ltd. (JPL), Tamnar
Current Status:  Initial samples were prepared and characterization part has to be completed

  Project Title: Controlled in-line cooling of JSPL Rails - Inconsistency in hardness of Head Hardened Steel
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. M. Kalyan Phani (Assoc. Prof.), Dr. S. Das (Steel Chair Professor), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: M. Kalyan Phani, RUBM and TSD, JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Repairing work of the trolley and track pending. Installation of Air compressor completed

  Project Title: Application of Water Sprinkler and Bent Chimnies for Air Pollution (Coal dust) Reduction
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Satish Kanhed (Asst. Prof.), Prof. Akash Pandey (Asst. Prof.), Dr. Umesh Vishwakarma (Asso. Prof.), Department of Mechanical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Satish Kanhed, NSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Design is ready and procurement of items related to project will complete by end of June 23

  Project Title: Design and Development of calibration system for hydraulic servomotor to control pitch angle blade of PA fan
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Mahesh Bhiwapurkar (Professor), Prof. L. R. Bhandarkar (Asst. Prof.), Department of Mechanical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Jindal Power Ltd. (JPL), Tamnar
Current Status:  Project reported submitted to JIPT for review

  Project Title: Productivity Improvement by Reducing the Section Change Time of the Rolling Mill at Nalwa Steel & Power Limited (NSPL), Raigarh.
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Mukesh S Desai (Associate Professor), Dr. B. P. Panda (Professor), School of Management, OPJU
Unit Name: JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Project is completed. Submitted the Proposal and waiting for the Fund from NSPL

  Project Title: To improve the life of convener and reduction of wear in CHP belt convener
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Mahesh Bhiwapurkar (Professor), Prof. L R Bhandarkar (Asst. Prof.), Department of Mechanical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: Jindal Power Ltd. (JPL) Tamnar
Current Status:  Project report submitted to JIPT for review

  Project Title: Prediction and optimization technique for condenser vacuum in thermal Power plant
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Siddharth S Chakrabarti (Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.), Dr. Saroj Chandra (Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE), Prof. L. R. Bhandarkar (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg.) Prof. Akash Pandey (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg.), OPJU
Unit Name: Jindal Power Ltd. (JPL), Tamnar
Current Status:  The Project has been completed and the report is submitted to JPL. Further working in other AI Optimization Techniques and results will be marked to JPL

  Project Title: Boiler Tube Failure Analysis (AFBC Boiler 2x55 MW)
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. M. Kalyan Phani (Associate Professor), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sahu (Asst. Professor), ), Dr. S.S. Chakrabarti (Professor), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. S. Das (Professor), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OPJU
Unit Name: JSPL, Raigarh
Current Status:  Samples have been received for testing

  Project Title: Improving the slurry ability of bottom ash slurry
Name of the Faculty and Role: Prof. Akash Pandey, Dr Siddharth S Chakrabarti, Department of Mechanical Engg, OPJU and Dr Satish Kumar, NIT Jamshedpur
Unit Name: JPL Tamnar
Current Status:  Preliminary discussions made on 18th April 2023

  Project Title: An investigation to analyze the erosion wear of pipelines during hydraulic transportation of coal ash slurry
Name of the Faculty and Role: Dr. Siddharth Chakrabarti, Prof. Mech. Engg., Dr M. Kalyan Phani, Associate Professor, Meta, Dr. R. D. Patidar, Professor, EE
Unit Name: JPL Tamnar and CSIR-IMMT
Current Status:  Discussions have been initiated proposal made with mutual interest

Research Areas

Computer Science and Engineering

Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Mobile Cloud   Computing    
Prof. Pradeep   Kumar Shriwas   
Cryptography and   Information Security
Compression Techniques   
Dr. Amit Jain   
Blockchain Technology   
Prof. Princy   Diwan   
Design and Analysis of   Dielectric Resonator Antenna
Optical Communication
Internet of Things   
Dr. Arti Vaish   
Wireless Sensor Network
Internet of Things
Network Security   
Prof. Uma   Shankar Pandey   
MAC and routing protocols
Distributed Computing
Blockchain Technologies   
Dr. Gulshan Soni   
Machine Learning
Optimization Techniques
Dimensionality Reduction   techniques   
Dr. Abhilasha Chaudhuri   
Network Security
Data Mining   
Dr. Rakesh Nayak   
Cloud Computing
High Performance Computing   and Resource Management
Autonomic Computing   
Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan   
Mobile Adhoc Networks
Wireless Sensor Network
Internet of Things, Data   Mining   
Dr. R N Shukla   
Digital Image Processing
Fractional Calculus
Deep Learning, Data   Science.   
Dr. Saroj Kumar Chandra   
Routing Queue management in   Computer Network
Text Clustering
Machine Learning.   
Prof. Asim Kiran Dandapat   

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Solidification Sciences of metals, alloys, and composites
Metallurgical thermodynamics and rate Process   
Dr. S. Das   
Advanced Porous Materials for Sustainable Clean Energy   Technology.
Carbon Capture, Natural Gas Storage, Adsorption Cooling   System.
Nano-materials for Biomedical Applications.   
Dr. Sibnath Kayal   
Materials Informatics.
Process Metallurgy
Thermodynamic Modelling   
Dr. Rajesh Jha   
Advanced High Strength Steels
Characterization of Materials
Superalloys and Light metals
Structure-property correlations in materials   
Dr. M. Kalyan Phani   
Physical Metallurgy.
Surface Engineering
Iron and Steel Making   
Dr. Guru Prakash   
Process Metallurgy.
Metallurgical Waste Management
Modelling and Simulation   
Dr. Trinath Talapaneni   
Metal Casting.
Mechanical Metallurgy.   
Dr Vatsala Chaturvedi   
Composite Materials and Alloy Development
Advanced Materials (Nanostructured materials   
Dr. Nidhi Khobragade   
Grain Growth Behaviour
Crystallography Texture
Structure–Property Correlation   
Dr. Deepankar Panda   
Advanced Metal Casting and Solidification Technology
Physical Metallurgy, Materials Characterization, Testing   of Materials, Tribology
Simulation and Optimization (Ansys-CFD Based)   
Dr. Prasenjit Biswas   
Corrosion Engineering
Synthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials
Metal Matrix Composites   
Prof. Neeraj Kumar Verma   
Ceramic Composite Materials (CMC) synthesis and   development. Nano-refractory and Refractory Castable.
Powder Metallurgy.   
Prof. Nandalal Acharjee   

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics
Human Response to Vibration   
Mr Anurag Vijyawargiya   
Solar Energy Utilization
Evaporative Heat Transfer.
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.   
Dr Siddharth Chakrabarti   
Condition Monitoring by Vibration, Noise and Thermography.
Ergonomics/ Biomechanics.
Robotics and Automation.   
Dr Mahesh K Bhiwapurkar   
Production and Industrial Engineering.
Setup Time Reduction and Productivity Improvement.
Reduction of Ambulance Response Time.   
Dr. Mukesh Shyamkant Desai   
Metal Matrix Composite.
Waste Management.
Material Characterization.   
Dr. Surendra K. Dwiwedi   
Noise Vibration & Harshness.
Machining using coated Tools.
Finite Element Analysis.   
Dr. L.R. Bhandarkar   
Advanced Manufacturing
Composite Materials
Design of Experiments   
Dr. Umesh Kumar Vishwakarma   
Design & Manufacturing processes analysis
Decision analysis
Industry 4.0   
Mr. Ravindra Singh Saluja   
Exergoeconomic/Thermoeconomic analysis.
Energy conversion, Energy, and exergy analysis of thermal   systems.
Gas turbine and steam turbine power plant.   
Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sahu   
Materials Processing Techniques.
Powder Metallurgy and Metal Forming Processes.
Materials Testing and Characterization.   
Dr. Satish Kanhed   
Robotics & Automation
Mechatronics, Mobile Robot
Navigational Control, Sensor Technology   
Dr. Saroj Kumar   
Solar water distillation
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Heat pipes   
Dr. Kuber Nath Mishra   
Compact Heat Exchangers.
Energy and Exergy Analysis of thermal systems, Thermal   analysis of welded joints.
Solar Energy.   
Mr Akash Pandey   
Composite Materials.
Manufacturing Processes
Energy Conversion System.   
Mr Jitesh Singh   
Design of Experiments
Mr. Dharmender Singh Saini   

Department of Electrical Engineering

Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Power Quality Improvement using Active Power Filter and   STATCOM.
Distributed Generation System.
DG-Grid Interfaced System.   
Dr R D Patidar   
Modelling and Control of Electrical Drives.
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks to control of   Electrical Drives.
Artificial Intelligence control of BLDC motors.   
Dr G Madhusudhana Rao   
Digital Video Compression.
Digital image & video processing.
Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing.   
Dr. Deepak Singh   
Transmission line protection schemes, Adaptive   distance protection, Directional protection.
Current transformer saturation detection, Power swing and   its impact on performance of distance relay.
Wide area back up protection algorithm, Protection   algorithms with inclusion of FACTS controller.   
Dr Sandeep Biswal   
Power quality improvement by using robust and adaptive   hybrid series active power filter.
Disturbance detection and classification.
Corona loss estimation.   
Dr Sushree Diptimayee Swain   
Solar PV applications
Power Electronics Converters
Electrical Vehicle Charging Applications   
Dr. Ankireddy Narendra   
Cyber security in power systems
Floating Photovoltaic Systems   
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Jena   
Fuzzy logic and controller design.
Mr Shashikant   
Microcontroller based system design.
Solar Photovoltaic Cell   
Mr. Rakesh Patidar   
Power electronics controller designing for power factor   corrections
Optimum PMU Placement On Interconnected Power System for   voltage security Assessment using Decision Tree
Solar Panel operation and integration with DG systems   
Mrs Pushpanjali Shadangi   
Power System Protection.
Multilevel Inverter.
MPPT Based Boost Converter.   
Mrs. Bhawana Deshmukh   

Department of Civil Engineering

Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Sustainable Geomaterials and Sustainable construction
Industrial waste utilization.
Dr. Mahasakti Mahamaya   
Waste management.
Renewable energy.
Biodiesel production.   
Dr. Deepayan Priyadarshi   
Reinforced Concrete Structures
Rehabilitation of RC members
Application of FRP composites in construction   
Dr. Swapnasarit Kar   
Performance Based Design
Direct Displacement Based Design.
Earthquake Engineering.   
Dr.Anurag Sharma   
Structural Engineering.
Concrete Technology.
Foundation Engineering.   
Mr Vinod Kumar Nagpure   
Earthquake resistance RCC building.
Laboratory Model Testing on Shake Table.
Waste material uses in concrete.   
Mrs Tulika Gupta   

Current Key Research Areas
Concerned Faculty Name   
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour   
Dr. Saket Jeswani   
Tourism Marketing.
Entrepreneurship and Strategy.
Change management.   
Dr. Shesadev Nayak   
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Technology Management   
Dr. Biranchi Prasad Panda   
Consumer Behaviour
Public Policy
Developmental Economics.
Dr. Jaya Prakash Rath   
Service Quality Management
Retail Marketing.
Consumer Behaviour   
Dr. Sukanta Kumar Sahoo   
Accounting Standards   
Dr. Rekha Sharma   
Taxation and Socio-Economical Issues.   
Dr. Gopal Krishna Rathore   
Integrated Reporting
Corporate Finance   
Dr. Puja Kaura   
Agriculture Mechanization.
Socioeconomic Research.
Dr. Vikash Kumar   
Employability Skills.
Consumer Behaviour.
E Commerce.   
Dr. Himanshu Vaishnaw   
Technology adoption and e-governance
Marketing of public Services and policy research
Role of technology in marketing of services   
Dr. Saurabh Gupta   
Marketing of Financial Services.
Mutual Funds and its management.
Insights of Vedic Management in Contemporary management   systems.   
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma   
Tourism marketing, Destination brand management and   branding modeling
Structural equation modeling (SEM) RIDIT and GRA approach.
Systematic and thematic analysis   
Dr. Navin Kumar   
Non-Financial Reporting
Sustainability Strategy   
Dr. Ajay Kumar   
Financial Inclusion.
Financial Behaviour.
Operation Management.   
Mr. Bhupendra Tripathi   
Knowledge Management   
Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra   
Corporate Governance
Banking and Finance   
Ms. Alka Pandey   
Green Human Resource Management   
Ms. Sujata Panda   
Current Key Research Areas   
Concerned Faculty Name   
Synthesis of Phosphor materials by   Sol gel, Solid State reaction, Combustion, Melting technique.
Characterization of Phosphors by   Mechano, Lyo, Photo and Thermoluminescence.
Remote Sensing.   
Dr. Girish Chandra Mishra   
Development and   characterization of some lead based/lead free relaxor materials using   Impedance spectroscopy.
Ferroelectrics, Multiferroics.
Thin films and Nano Materials.   
Dr. Karuna Nidhan Singh   
Graphene synthesis and applications.
Nanomaterials for energy storage   devices, sensors, electrocatalysts, corrosion protection, bipolar plates in   fuel cells and biomedical applications.
Photodetectors and solar cells.   
Dr. Ram Sevak Singh   
Optical Properties (PL , ML , TL )
Structure Properties (XRD , SEM ,FTIR   & EDX)   
Dr. Dipti Shukla   
Macrocyclic ligand chemistry.
Characterization & solution   behaviour of their metal complexes.   
Dr. Ankur Rastogi   
Medicinal Chemistry
Biological, Chemical and Antioxidant   Properties of Andrographispaniculata(King of Bitters)
Soil Analysis with special references   to N, P,K   
Dr. Kavita Patel   
Asymmetric Catalysis and Synthesis.
DFT Calculations   
Dr. Deepak Patel   
E-waste Management
Analysis and remediation of rice mill   effluents
Biotechnological approach   
Ms. Sanjana Dewangan   
Environmental Biotechnology and   Microbiology
Enzymology and Enzyme Kinetics
Hydromicrobiology and Hydrochemistry   
Dr. Taniya Sengupta Rathore   
Functional characterization of   lncRNAs in Cancer and other diseases.
Molecular Biology of Cancer.
Phytochemical and antibacterial   studies of less explored plants of Chhattisgarh.   
Dr. Pranjal Kumar   
Heat and Mass Transfer.
Convective Flows.   
Dr. Syed Modassir Hussain   
Univalent and Multivalent functions,   Differential Subordination & Superordination.
Bi-Univalent Functions.   
Dr. Saumya Singh   
Digital Signature
RSA Assumption, DLP   
Dr. Swati Verma   
Inventory Control.
EOQ Model.   
Dr Debasmita Samal   
Magneto hydrodynamics.
Magneto-fluid dynamics.
Wavelet Analysis.   
Mr. Manas Ranjan Mishra   
Indian Writing in English.
Communication Skills.   
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh   
Indian Writing in English.
Indic Philosophy.
English Language Teaching.
Dr. Arindam Patra   
Indian Writing in English.
American English Literature.
Cultural Studies.   
Ms. Suchismita Panda   
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