Vice Chancellor's Message

Since the inception of OPJU in 2014, it has been abundantly clear to us that we have a tremendous opportunity and potential to fully capitalise on our key strengths - location, industrial assets, and the supporting ecosystem - to re-imagine the role that a higher education institution can play in order to truly create a world-class institution with a clear focus.

No other institution is as committed, as focused, or as skilled at executing as OPJU is in achieving its objective of being India's first and only private university that meets the needs of the nation's steel and power industries. The University will deliberately devise tools and innovative solutions, whether, in the fields of engineering and technology or cutting-edge management techniques, that address problems particular to the steel industry.

OPJU is fully committed to achieve its goal through academic programmes that are aligned with industry-research, skill-development initiatives, scholarship programmes, and advocacy programmes. Our customised curriculum is incredibly modern, closely related to industry, and the product of outstanding think tanks made up of highly experienced faculty members, industry specialists, and research-oriented organisations.

The University lays emphasis on five core strengths: steel making, manufacturing excellence, steel industry 4.0, steel logistics, and steel global markets. Each of these strengths is integrated into each of our delivery modes to immediately benefit our major stakeholders—students, industry partners, and academia.

OPJU will be distinctive through its practical approach to teaching, embracing a "learning by doing" pedagogy, focus on actual industry problems and on-the-job training for all students, an academic curriculum tailored to the industry, and a research focus that is primarily motivated by industry needs. Academic and non-academic learning outcomes that are centred on the needs of the student are how we gauge our performance and success.

     Dr R.D. PATIDAR

According to our objective and vision, we firmly believe in promoting innovative academic practices and the social and economic advancement of the community. Our experienced and qualified faculty, enriched curriculum, cutting-edge teaching, learning, and evaluation practises, state-of-the-art facilities, revolutionary learning resources, dynamic student support systems, strong emphasis on career enhancement and quality placements, ongoing innovation in pedagogical models, visionary governance, leadership, and management, and of course our highly aspirational students, make OP Jindal University a great place to learn.

In order to ensure the exposure and acceptance of its programmes on a global scale, the University has actively adopted the New Education Policy (NEP-2020) and Outcome-based Education (OBE) outlined by Ministry of Education, Government of India. The university's dedication and commitment to developing skilled professionals who are prepared for the workplace is demonstrated by its adoption of the best practices recommended by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and other concerned regulatory bodies.

In just 8 years since we started, we now have three schools: Engineering, Management, and Science, which offers 32 UG, PG and research level programmes to over 1800+ students and employ more than 100 full-time faculty members.

Our quest to concentrate our efforts on serving the demands of the steel and other affiliated industries has already begun. We invite you all to join us on this exciting journey as our partners. We value the commitment, motivation, and assistance you have provided us throughout the years and look forward to maintaining our mutually beneficial and long-lasting association in future.

I genuinely feel that OPJU continues to advance in the right direction, offering a comprehensive education to the next generation, and contributing to the development of the nation at large. We firmly believe that OP Jindal University will successfully accomplish the aspirations of all the major stakeholders—students, parents, industry partners, and prospective recruiters.

My Dear Students,

Welcome to this experience of learning, growth, and discovery. Accept every chance you get to realise your limitless potential, never give up trying new things or working hard for it, and always have faith in yourself.

Good luck

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