The School of Science, OP Jindal University launched in year 2018. The school has laid a balanced emphasis on the pursuit of basic knowledge in science with the challenge of imparting good quality education. The school also focus on the application of its research findings for industrial and social benefits which lays emphasis on academic excellence. The curriculum of School of Science is structured to provide a common, broad-based foundation, imparting fundamental concepts and principles in science through lectures, tutorials, discussions, and presentations. The curriculum has a significant practical component that trains students in experimental skills essential to science. Student’s seminars and assignments are designed to be highly challenging, which cover way for the students to bring out their intellectual and interactive skills in analyzing scientific problems. The students are required to do research as part of their curriculum and submit a project in their last semester. Along with the UG and PG courses School of Science also provide special classes for the different competitive examinations, which helps the students to pursue their careers in different fields.

School of Science presently has the following departments:

  • Department of Physics

  • Department of Chemistry

  • Department of Mathematics

  • Department of Humanities

Courses Offered

    Undergraduate Courses

    • B.Sc. Biotechnology (Hons.)

    • B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) with Computer Science

    • B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) with Chemistry

    • B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) with Mathematics

    • B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.) with Computer Science

    • B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.) with Physics

    • B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.) with Mathematics

    • B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.) with Chemistry

    • B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.) with Physics

    • B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.) with Computer Science

    Postgraduate Courses

    • M.Sc. in Chemistry

    • M.Sc. in Physics

    • M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing

    PhD Courses

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Mathematics

    • English

Admission Open 2023