Advanced Learning Infrastructure

Technology is bringing exciting new multimedia resources to the classroom, including digital curricula, online streaming resources and more. Advanced communications infrastructure is making this possible, providing the high-speed bandwidth to connect classrooms, educators and administrators.

Learning is not confined to lecture rooms. Rather, a keen student is always experimenting and observing the world around. Advances in technology allow us to bring the best learning experience into classrooms.

At OP Jindal University , students can experience learning infrastructure unparalleled in the region. Highlights include:

  • Live classrooms and tele-presence to enable faculty from other premium institutions around the world to teach OPJU students
  • 3-D virtual learning laboratories to promote learning
  • Digital library and online lecture resources accessible to students anywhere and anytime
  • 100% Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • Advanced labs in metallurgy, machining and mechanical simulation, robotics, mobile app development, wind-tunnel etc.
Digital Initiatives :                                                        
Admission Open 2024 - 25