About Center for Sustainable Technology and Product Development

The Indian Iron and Steel industries face numerous challenges in terms of energy consumption, quality, productivity and environmental issues. The steel sector is also witnessing a rapid growth, with India poised to become the second largest steel producer globally. Therefore, there is a large demand for highly skilled manpower for the steel industry to sustain this expected rapid growth. The Center for Sustainable Technology and Product Development (CSTPD) has been established at OP Jindal University (OPJU), Raigarh by the Jindal and Steel and Power Ltd. (JSPL) Group to cater to the needs of the entire Indian Iron & Steel producers and User Industries.

OPJU is the ONLY private university dedicated to meet the challenges of the country’s iron and steel industry by establishing a dedicated centre to promote research, knowledge sharing, provide training and programs to meet the needs of the industry in the areas of Steel Technology, Power Technology, Welding Technology and Environmental and Waste Management. OPJU is considered to be the India’s Steel University established under the JSPL flagship. JSPL, as part of the $18 Billion OP Jindal Group is a major producer to steel and power with locations across India and Abroad. The JSPL group has grown in capacity to approximately 10MTPA steel production and over 5GW of power production.

OPJU is surrounded by nearly 50 small, medium and large scale industries of which, majorities are steel and power industries. This kind of environment provides the learners acquire rich knowledge with practical learning and also helps them to interact with the industry personnel to discuss and study the various industry related issues.


To facilitate more investment in innovation and infrastructure, promote sustainable industries and invest in scientific research to boost sustainable development. Taking into account the energy conservation in steel making, research and training at CSTPD be a way forward to pursue United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 on Climate Action.


To be innovators and leaders in the field of steel technology and better understand the problems and provide suitable solutions related to various issues in metallurgical industries. The vision of CSTPD is to be an innovators and leaders in the field of steel technology and better understand the problems and provide suitable solutions for making green steel and the various issues in steel industries.

  • The center will be the nodal point for developing and imparting skills across all cadres; workers, technicians, engineers and management to enhance and upgrade technical and management proficiency for the steel industry workforce.

  • Establish a robust research program to formulate new technologies and product development to address the internal challenges of steel companies and evolve new market opportunities thorough a practical curriculum that will involve learning the newest technologies and application to current industry needs. The primary thrust areas will include ore beneficiation, cost reduction in iron and steel making, Waste management, energy efficiency, incorporating industry 4.0 into current process in Iron and Steel making, weld 4.0 technologies, and new product development initiatives.

  • Create a platform for partners to share ideas through regular conferences and symposia to address the main challenges faced by the iron and steel making industry and also create an advocacy platform to formulate the country’s steel policy.

  • Host regular learning symposia/roundtables with leading academic and industry experts on new and emerging technologies in the iron and steel making industry.

  • Ferrous Process Metallurgy

  • Process Modelling

  • Thermo-mechanical processing of Steels

  • Structure PropertyCorrelations

  • Corrosion Protection of Steels

  • Welding Technology

  • Power Technology

  • Environmental and Waste Management

  • 4 year B Tech Program with a specialization in Steel Technology with a dual degree options with global partners. To be further expanded to start programs in related areas such as Environmental Sciences, Waste Management, and Energy Efficiency, etc.

  • 2 Year M Tech program in Steel Technology with a focus on solving industry problems. Academic work will be jointly done with academic partners from premier institutes from across the globe.

  • A full time PhD Program with a focus on creating new knowledge in the field of steel technology with industry and academic input from subject matter experts from our partner ecosystem.

  • Post Graduate Diploma Programs, and other short term training initiatives for capacity building in the field of Steel Technology.

  • Drive L & OD initiatives for industry partners in technical and management fields related to Steel Technology.


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Admission Open 2024-25