Innovation and entrepreneurship are the key drivers of today’s economy.

CIE@OPJU encourages independent thinking and entrepreneurial leadership in all spheres of life.

Whether you have a business proposal for a venture, a novel research to commercialise, an idea to implement or a family business to expand, we are here to support you to THINK BIG and DREAM HIGH.
We have a range of offerings to support you. We have associations, networks and collaborations to assist you at every step and add wings to your dreams.
Through outreach events such as the Guest speaker series, Workshops, Ideation events, Entrepreneurship boot camps etc, we engage our alumni, Govt agencies, Industries and the wider community to add value and support the innovative and entrepreneurial spark in the young minds at OPJU.

At the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we seek to build connections between our campus and the Industry leaders, Govt agencies and curators of the innovations to provide environment, opportunities and inspiration to the students and faculty of the university through experiential programs, events and workshops.

Major Activities of the Centre:

  • Partner with academia, government, industry and NGOs to strengthen the resources, expertise and activities of the centre.

  • Organize various awareness sessions, boot camps, technology trainings etc to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Offer support and mentoring opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs with great ideas & help them converting ideas into start-ups.

  • Connect students and faculty across Universities in India and abroad to share the latest tools and insights related to entrepreneurship.

  • Conduct expert lectures, short term training programs, round table discussions, symposiums etc on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technologies.


Our talented students are engaged in lucrative projects which when completed can be of great use to the society and the university on the whole.

An interesting app in android that helps students to track their university bus being at their own stoppage and hence minimize the delay and anxiety of missing the bus. In case of alternate bus arrangements also by the management, communication can be done through the app to students and staff.

A lucrative app designed on android for the safety of women in Raigarh and nearby areas in which on raising an alarm in emergency, nearby police stations can be contacted as well as guardians stored in phone can be contacted for help by displaying coordinates of the victim.

An aid for learning English language grammatically and phonetically for the area of Chhattisgarh, this will be helpful in improving the language skills of students as well as any layman with its easy to use interface.

An app developed in android and iOS can be used in the area for donation and reception of a particular blood group available. Also doctors can be contacted and centres are listed which can be used to fetch a particular blood group required by the person.

Due to lack of awareness about surroundings, visually impaired people face challenges and they rely on sticks to navigate and often need assistance to move around. Smart Hand Stick is a torch-like device, designed for the visually impaired to navigate without a physical stick. Presence of Obstacle is informed by triggering vibrations and sounds for immediate awareness. In case of loss, the Hand Stick can be easily found using a dedicated app.

Digital Initiatives :