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Partner with us

We love to connect, collaborate and come closer.

We seek partnerships and people to help us train, mentor and nurture the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs at OPJU. An Individual, Industry, Organization, NGO etc can engage with us in many different ways to support our budding technocrats and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

You can partner with us in any way that suits you, like :

  • Grant Projects : We look forward to your help in granting live projects / case studies to our students in the upcoming fields of technology to help them explore their talents in their chosen field. Projects could be a research problem, an implementation issue, a deployment work, a strategic challenge or any other similar task.

  • Mentors : As a mentor you can strengthen and guide our budding entrepreneur through your experience, strategic advice, domain expertise and network access. You could be of great help to our students to overcome challenges that they may be facing in their journey. You could help us creating an entrepreneurial mindset across the University.

  • Investors : As an investor you can offer seed funding to the young and enthusiastic entrepreneur to set up his start-up. You could well be a part of this journey to provide him the support to think big and do great things.

  • Sponsors : As an Sponsor you can contribute in many different ways. You are welcome to fund an Idea, to sponsor a training program , to set up an infrastructure or in any other manner that suits you. CIE provides financial support to students in the form of prototyping grants, stipend, project funding and you can always join hands with us and be part of this exciting journey.

  • Offer internship : We can match students with organisations that give them practical exposure within the entrepreneurial, technological and commercialisation sector. We expect our internship partners to provide our students with work and networks that will grow their career prospects and help them understand the practical application of entrepreneurship and innovation theory.

  • Development Agencies/Government Organizations : CIE wishes to join hands and partner with development agencies and state/central government organizations to work on their projects and ideas like smart cities, pollution control, education uplifting, encouraging STEM education and many more. Our students would be happy to work on your projects and contribute to the city , state and Nation building.

Digital Initiatives :                                                        
Admission Open 2024-25