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During Examination

1. No examinee shall leave the examination hall within half an hour of the start of the examination for any purpose whatsoever and no late comer will be permitted for the examination after 15 minutes of its commencement.

2. Examinees desirous of leaving the examination hall temporarily shall be permitted to do so for a maximum period of 5 minutes. The absence shall be recorded and if the examinee fails to return within this limit of 5 minutes, he/she shall not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall unless he/she gives convincing explanation.

3. A candidate found talking during the examination hours shall be warned not to do so. If the candidate continues talking in spite of the warning by the invigilator, then UFM case can be registered and the answer book of such examinee shall be withdrawn and a second answer book shall be issued.

4. The Examination Superintendent shall take action against an examinee who is found assisting or attempting to use any type of unfair means in the examination hall or within the premises of the examination centre during the hours of examination in the following manner:

  • The examinee shall be called upon to surrender all the objectionable materials found in his / her possession including the answer book and a memorandum shall be prepared with date and time.
  • The statement of the examinee and the invigilator shall be recorded.
  • The examinee shall be issued a fresh answer book marked "2nd Copy" to attempt answer within the remaining time prescribed for the examination.
  • All the material so collected and the entire evidence along with a statement of the examinee in UFM form and the answer book, duly signed by examinee and invigilators shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examination.
  • The material so collected from the examinee together with both the answer book collected while using unfair means and the other supplied afterward, will be sent to the committee formed for UFM case by the Controller of Examination for decision.
  • The Committee shall after examining the cases, decide the action to be taken in each case and report to the Controller of Examination for further necessary action
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