Faculty Profile

Mr Uma Shankar Pandey

Sr. Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Engineering


  •  PhD(pursuing) in Wireless Sensor Network from OP Jindal University, Raigarh.
  •  M.Tech in Computer science & Engineering (Information Security) from RGPV Bhopal - 2012.
  •  BE in Computer science & Engineering from GEC/NIT Raipur - 2004.
  •  OP Jindal University, Raigarh (C.G), Working as a Assistant Professor from Nov 2013 to till date.
  •  Worked as an Assistant Professor in Sagar Institute of research and Technology, Bhopal (M.P), from July 2007 to Oct 2013.
  •  Worked as a Lecturer in Radharaman Institute of Technology and Science (RITS) Bhopal (M.P), from July 2005 to June 2007.
  •  Wireless Sensor Network.
  •  Network/Information Security.
  •  IOT.
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  •  Umashankar Pandey, " Image Encryption by Disturbing the Semantics of Image followed by Modified Advanced Encryption Standards” Journal of Engineering, Management &Pharmaceutical Sciences. ISSN 0976-8416.
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  •  Supriya, Umashankar Pandey,Ram NarayanShukla, “Survey on Efficient Routing Protocols and Coverage Issues in WSN”, communicated in International Conference on Advanced Computation and Telecommunication (ICACAT 2018).
  •  Umashankar Pandey, Pradeep Rusiya, “OEDMCA: Optimizing the Energy Consumption and Delay Using Multi-Objective CRO Algorithm in WSN”,communicated in ICIREMPS2K18(International Conference of InterDisciplinary ResearchInEngineering, Management, Pharmacy & Science).
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  •  Umashankar Pandey, Gopal Singh Tandel,,“A survey on user’s request prediction: web usage mining”,ICIREMPS 2K15 (International Conference of Inter Disciplinary Research In Engineering , Management , Pharmacy & Science), ISSN No. 0976-8416.
  •  Umashankar Pandey, “Analysis ofCloud Computing Emerging Security Challenges & Problem Solution forSoftware as a Services“ICIREMPS 2K14, ISSN No. 0976-8416.
  •  Attended one week TEQIP-III Sponsored STTP on Computational Intelligence Techniques & Cloud Computing (CICC-2017).
  •  Attended one week One-week self-sponsored Short Term Training Program on "logic building using C and Matlab" Organized by NIT Raipur.
  •  Attended one-week training program on “JavaEE7 Enterprise application development“organizedby IEEE and CGCOST in 2015.
  •  Attended 14 Faculty Development Programs organized by IITs during 2008-2018.
  •  Attended Wipro Mission 10X program in 2010.
  •  Attended one-week Training session on “Software Testing Tools and practices in Industry” organized by CSI, Net linkSoftware Pvt.Ltd& I.S.C Software Bhopal in 2010.
  •  Attended Washington Accord Organized by NITTTR Bhopal in 2009.
  •  Completed IBM Certification for Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using Rational Rose (Course Code: DEV475) in year 2008.
  •  Delivered lecture on topic “Basics of Database Designing ” in C.V Raman university Bilaspur, (C.G)
  •  Received Best Faculty awardat Sagar Institute of Research and Technology in 2013.
  •  Having C certificate of NCC.
  •  Selected for Grameen Pratibhavan Scholarship by Govt. of M.P from 1996 to 1999.
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