Faculty Profile

Dr. Kavita Patel

Sr. Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

School of Science


  •   PhD in Chemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) from Dr. C.V.Raman University, Kota,Bilaspur - 2017.
  •  M.Phil inChemistry from Dr. C.V.Raman University, Kota, Bilaspur - 2010.
  •  M.Sc inChemistry Specialization Organic Chemistry from Guru Ghasi Das University, Bilaspur - 2009.
  •  B.Sc in Biology from Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur - 2007.
  •  Working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemistry, OP Jindal University, Raigarh (C.G), from September 2019 to till date.
  •  Worked as an Assistant Professor (Guest Lecturer) in Department of Chemistry, Govt. Kirodimal P.G. College, Raigarh (C.G.) in year 2018- 2019.
  •  Worked as an Asst. Project Officer (MGNREGA)in Department of Rural Development, Zila Panchayat Raigarh(C.G.) in yearJan. 2014-Mar. 2018.
  •  Worked as an Asst. Project Officer (BRGF) in Department of Rural Development, Zila Panchayat Korba(C.G.) in year Feb. 2012- Jan. 2014.
  •  Worked as an Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, Govt. PolytechnicCollege, Jashpur (C.G.) in year Nov. 2010- Feb. 2012.
  •  Medicinal Chemistry
  •  Biological ,Chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Andrographispaniculata(King of Bitters)
  •  Soil Analysis with special references to N, P ,K
  •  Kavita Patel, Manish Upadhyay and L.K.Thethwar,Comparative Account Of Medicinal Properties Of Andrographispaniculata and Costusigneus. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Analysis, Vol 5/ Issue 2/2015/71-73.
  •  Kavita Patel, Manish Upadhyay and L.K.Thethwar,Medicinal Properties of The Coleus forskohlii And Andrographispaniculata. International Journal of Medicinal Chemistry & Analysis, Vol 5/Issues 2/2015/79-81.
  •  Kavita Pateland L.K.ThethwarStudy of Plants for Their Chlorophyll Content, Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Properties. Bharat Journal of Science Technology and Humanities, Vol 1, Issue 1 July -2015.
  •  Dr. Rajesh Sahu, Dr. R.C. Tandon, Kavita Patel, Dr. Smt. TriptiTandon,Environmental pollution and its impact on soil, water plant and fishes around Hasdeoriver with special reference to Pb and Cd toxicity. Sunder Subhesh ISSN :0976-9552.
  •  Science Group Topper in Govt. Bilasa College Affiliated to Guru Ghasidas university Bilaspur (C.G.) in Academic year 2009-2010.
  •  State Level Basketball player in 2006-07.
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