National Level Hackathon 2K24 on Design of a Residential Building
(G+4 Apartment type)

Problem Statement:

Design a Residential Building (Apartment type G+4)


Design a residential apartment building with the following specifications:

  • Ground Floor: Dedicated to parking.

  • Four Floors Above Ground (G+4): Consisting of residential flats/quarters.

  • Total Flats/Quarters: Thirty-two flats.

  • Sixteen 3-BHK flats/quarters.

  • Sixteen 2-BHK flats/quarters.

  • Additional parking facility (carport type) with solar roof for 20 cars.

Detailed Requirements:

Site Plan and Layout:

  • Develop a site plan showing the building footprint, access roads, and parking layout

  • Ensure efficient use of space for both residential and parking areas.

Ground Floor Design:

  • Design the ground floor to accommodate sufficient parking for residents.

  • Consider provisions for bike parking and visitor parking.

  • Include spaces for services like electrical rooms, water pump rooms, and waste collection points.

Residential Floors (First to Fourth Floor):

  • Each floor should have a mix of 3-BHK and 2-BHK flats

  • Design the flats to ensure optimal use of space, natural light, and ventilation.

  • Consider privacy, noise control, and access to common areas.

Others (Safety and Sustainability:

  • Design emergency exits, fire escapes, and other safety features.

  • Incorporate accessibility features for differently-abled individuals.

  • Integrate sustainable design practices such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, etc

  • Provide details on the outdoor lighting facility, security office/chamber and other necessary items.

Files to be submitted (in PDF):

  • Floor plans for each level, including the ground floor.

  • Elevations and sections of the building.

  • Detailed drawings of each flat type (2-BHK and 3-BHK).

  • Structural layout for each floor.

  • Preliminary cost estimate for the construction of the building.

  • A comprehensive report explaining the design approach, materials used, and compliance with standards. Include calculations, assumptions, and justifications for design choices.

Evaluation Criteria:

Documentation (300):

  • Originality and creativity in the design (50)

  • Accuracy and detail in architectural and structural drawings (50)

  • Efficient use of space and resources in the apartment (50)

  • Practicality of the design for residents (50)

  • Effective use land area for parking, lawn and other activities (50)

  • Usage of smart materials and adherence to codes/standards (50)

Presentation (100)

  • Clarity and completeness of drawings and models (50)

  • Quality and comprehensiveness of the project report (50)

  • General Rules and Terms of Participation:

  • Participants can register their name through this link-

  • Ten days will be given to the participants to submit their drawings.

  • Student can submit their drawing in the form of AutoCAD drawing or hand drafted drawing sheet on email ID.

  • Award will be given to first three winning entries.

  • Decision of jury will be final and binding.

  • All participants will be rewarded with certificate of participation.

Important Date and Prize :


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Contact Details:

Er. Pranaba Behera, 9109977051 (
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Admission Open 2024 - 25