Industry Speaks

"Beyond academics, OPJU emphasizes values and ethics, instilling a robust moral compass in its students. This comprehensive education not only ensures academic proficiency but also fosters a community of responsible citizens. OPJU stands out for its ability to nurture talent and prepare graduates not only academically but also morally, shaping them into future leaders of integrity."
Mr. Dilip Sinha, Chief Human Resources Officer, Vedanta Ltd.

“Speculative Institution striving for brilliance. Students are ready to make it a much stronger presence in the industry. It's a very young university and am sure it's moving in the right direction.”
Mr. Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, TATA Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited

“My interaction with OPJU has been excellent. It provides an attractive platform for young and agile minds to explore possibilities in the science and technology domain. Their focus on R&D coupled with international associations with various universities provides a global perspective to create future-ready professionals. I wish them growth and success in their endeavours.”
Mr. Jayant Acharya, Director, Commercial, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, JSW Steel

“My interaction and experience with OPJU is incredible. It's great to see that India's first Steel Technology University is taking good shape with its reputation. Since 2019, they have also running a course on stainless steel considering the importance of sustainable solutions. They do not just focus on preparing future leaders for the industry but equally focus on the industry-aligned courses and R&D activities. Wish them all the best.”
Mr. Vijay Sharma, Director, Jindal Stainless

“It was a pleasure to be at OPJU University and interact with faculty and students. I am really happy to share that the University is producing good skilled and disciplined individuals. There are very few universities who are focusing on core engineering streams and OPJU is certainly one of them.”
Mr. Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Executive Director- Group Corporate HR, RP Sanjiv Goenka Group

“Demand curve for the quality skilled knowledge professionals is on the rise. Here at @OPJU, we found resources with realistic approaches, along with good communication skills, critical thinking abilities & problem-solving approaches. We are happy to share that we have recruited students from OPJU, as we aspire to have the best people with the highest ethics & standards.”
Mr. Akhilesh Laddha, Practice Director, Wipro

“Recently we conducted a campus drive for OPJU students and am happy to share that students are energetic and ready to make their presence felt in the market. I feel that Industry expects a lot from OPJU and its students. I wish OPJU and its students all the best.”
Mr. Satish Srivastava, Head HRM & PR, Sunflag Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.

“My experience with OP Jindal University has been short of admirable. The Placement team, faculty members and student coordinators were all highly involved throughout the whole process to make it meaningful for us. We are overwhelmed by the hospitality we have received during our visit.”
Mr. Somraj Roy, Chief Human Resource Officer, KEC International Limited

“Excellent Group of students, very inquisitive and well-informed. We are happy to hire students from OPJU. I could feel the vibrations on the campus during the visit. University has got an impressive infrastructure, good laboratories, and well-qualified faculty members.”
Mr. Kapil Maheshwari, Executive Director and CEO, Welspun New Energy Limited
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