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National Innovation & Start-up Policy (NISP)

About NISP:

The National Innovation and Start-up Policy for Students and Faculty in HEIs was launched by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. This policy intends to guide HEIs for promoting students’ driven innovations & start-ups and to engage the students and faculty in innovation and start-up activities on campus. The policy aims at enabling HEIs to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in campus and will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of student’s creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mind-set, and promoting a strong intra and interinstitutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national and international level.



To develop a resourceful innovation and start-up ecosystem and facility that will nurture innovative, socially relevant ventures, strengthening local and national economies and benefiting mankind at large.


  • To enable the faculty, staff and students of the University to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities.
  • To encourage the faculty, staff and students of the University to develop entrepreneurship and start-up as career options.
  • To promote novel ideas.
  • To search funding ideas, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Experts Committee

S.No. Role in Committee Name Designation & Organization
1 Chairman Dr. R.D. Patidar Vice Chancellor, OP Jindal University
2 NISP Coordinator Dr. Saket Jeswani Assistant Dean & Head, School of Management, OP Jindal University
3 Member Dr. Siddharth S. Chakrabarti Director, Centre for Industry-Academia Collaboration, OP Jindal University
4 Member Dr. Girish Mishra Associate Dean, School of Science, OP Jindal University
5 Member Dr. Shesadev Nayak Professor, School of Management, OP Jindal University
6 Member Dr. Himanshu Vaishnaw Asst Prof, SOM, OP Jindal University
7 Member Dr. Deepayan Priyadarshi Asst Prof, Civil, OP Jindal University
8 Member Dr. Sandeep Biswal Asst Prof, Department of Electrical Engineering, OP Jindal University
9 Member Dr. Vatsala Chaturvedi Asst Prof, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, OP Jindal University
10 Member Dr. Akash Pandey Asst Prof, Department of Mechanical Engineering, OP Jindal University
11 External Member (Nearby Incubator Representative) Mr. Sweekar Pawar Head, 36inc, Raipur
12 External Member (Industry/Research Body) Mr. Bhavesh Kumar Managing Director, VIAS3D, India

Start-Up Policies

  1. National Innovation & Start-Up Policy

  2. Chhattisgarh State Start-Up Policy

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