About Us

DigiLocker is a flagship initiative of Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under Digital India Corporation (DIC). DigiLocker aims at ‘Digital Empowerment’ of citizen by providing access to authentic digital documents to citizen’s digital document wallet. The issued documents in DigiLocker system are deemed to be at par with original physical documents as per Rule 9A of the Information Technology (Preservation and Retention of Information by Intermediaries providing Digital Locker facilities) Rules, 2016 notified on February 8, 2017 vide G.S.R. 711(E).

The key features of DigiLocker:

  • It provides an online account with 1GB storage space to Aadhaar holders.
  • Issuer departments can push e-documents into the digital locker system.
  • E-documents can be shared by residents with government or other registered organisations.
  • Residents can upload the document and digitally sign them using e-sign facility.
  • Shareability of e-documents is easy across agencies.

Benefits of DigiLocker: For Students

  • Immediate availability of academic awards upon upload by Academic Institution.
  • Online, permanent record of academic awards.
  • No risk of losing, spoiling, damaging the academic awards.
  • Anytime, anywhere and convenient access to academic awards.
  • Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere!.
  • Authentic Documents, Legally at Par with Originals.
  • Digital Document Exchange with the consent of the student.
  • Faster service Delivery- Government Benefits, Employment, Financial Inclusion, Educational admission, Health.

How to use DigiLocker ?

One needs to open an account online by visiting the website, called Digilocker.gov.in. It can be accessed through the Android app store too. The most prominent feature of Digilocker is that the documents are shared from issuer to requester only after an approval to ensure safety. One can use Aadhaar to sign up using mobile OTP or in case of non-availability of Aadhaar, one can authenticate mobile number and submit proof of address and identity documents for verification.


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