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Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sahu, Dr.   Siddharth Chakrabarti   
IGI Global : Sustainable   Approaches and Strategies for E-waste Management and Utilization April 2023   
Dr. Rakesh Nayak   
Foundation of Computer Science,   GCS PUBLISHERS, May 2023   
Dr. Rajesh Jha   
Artificial Intelligence   – Aided Materials Design: AI-Algorithms and Case studies on Alloys and   Metallurgical Processes, CRC Press, 2022   
Dr. K.N. Singh   
Applied Physics, 2022,   Evincepub Publishing.    
Dr. Rakesh Nayak   
Human-Machine   Interaction and IoT Applications for a Smarter World, CRC Press   
Dr. Bhupesh Dewangan   
Challenges and   Applications for Hand Gesture Recognition, IGI Global   
Dr. Rakesh Nayak   
CRC –   Press (Book), “Python for Engineers and Scientists Concepts and   Applications”, Jan. 2023   
   Main Author
Title of Paper with Journal Details   
R.S. Singh   
Nanomaterials-based biosensors, Advanced   Nanomaterials for Point of Care Diagnosis and Therapy, 1st Edition - March   11, 2022   
Adil Khan   
Cognitive Antecedents of the Agricultural   Entrepreneurship Intentions of Indian University Students, Driving Factors   for Venture Creation and Success in Agricultural Entrepreneurship. Hershey,   PA: IGI Global, 2022   
Neeraj Verma   
Surface Coatings and Functionalization   Strategies for Corrosion Mitigation, Functionalized Nanomaterials for   Corrosion Mitigation: Synthesis, Characterization, and   Applications". This entire book was edited by   a research group from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT),   USA, and KFUPM, Saudi Arabia., ACS e-book, Aug. 2022   
Mahashakthi Mahamaya   
Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil and   Rocks of India :Chattisgarh, Book Chapter, Taylor and Francis CRC Press, 2021   
Power quality improvement by using PV   integrated DSTATCOM, Book: Linear and nonlinear System modelling, Wiley (in   press)   
Bhupesh Dewangan   
Hand Gesture Recognition Through Depth   Sensors. Challenges and Applications for Hand Gesture Recognition, IGI   Global, 2022   
Bhupesh Dewangan   
Application of HGR Rock-Paper-Scissors Model,   Challenges and Applications for Hand Gesture Recognition, IGI Global, 2022   
Abhilasha Chaudari   
Computational intelligence for healthcare,   Next generation health care systems using soft computing techniques, CRC   press, 2022   
Saroj Chandra   
Mathematical Model with Social Distancing   Parameter for Early Estimation of COVID-19 Spread, MedRXiv, Book Chapter,   2021, Springer   
Saroj Chandra   
Three-Dimensional Fractional Operator for   Benign Tumor Region Detection, Springer, Book Chapter, 2021   
Mithilesh Sahu   
Hybrid Power Cycle Arrangements for Lower   Emissions, Solid oxide fuel cell integrated blade cooled gas turbine hybrid   power cycle, CRC press, 2022   
A. Bhansali   
Machine Learning for Sustainable   Agriculture, Blockchain 3.0 for Sustainable   Development" published by DE GRUYTER   
Anurag Vijayawargiya   
Effect of Lifting Height and Weight Magnitude   on Biomechanical Loading During Manual Lifting, Technology Enabled Ergonomic   Design. Springer, Singapore, 2022. 185-195.   
R.S. Singh   
“Emerging Two Dimensional Materials and   Applications”, July 2022, ISBN: 9781032162874   
Das, A, Rai, V.,   Behera, K., Singh, R. S   
Nanomaterials Based Biosensors, Advanced   Nanomaterials for Point of Care Diagnosis and Therapy. Elsevier, ISBN:   9780323857253, 2022   
Singh, R. S., Rai, V.,   & Singh, A. K.   
2D Dichalcogenides. 2D Functional   Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, 317-334.   Wiley-VCH, ISBN: 978-3-527-34677-6, 2021   
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