M. Tech Programme

M.Tech Programme @ OPJU fosters advanced learning and research in the respective field, and is designed with the specific purpose of identifying, nurturing and supporting young Technocrats in realizing their dreams.

The salient features of the all M.Tech Programme Structures are:

  • There are four courses across M.Tech Programmes, which aimed at nurturing a culture of research and innovation embracing cutting edge technology.

  • Opportunity to work with the various industry houses during the course.

  • Opportunity to pursue elective subject based individualized academic interests.

  • Regular interactions with the industry professionals and academicians from IITs and NITs.

  • All M.Tech Programmes have merit based financial support.

The course of M.Tech programmes have been further classified into two major categories: Core Courses and Elective Courses. The core courses are aimed at imparting knowledge of the relevant basics analytical-tools & techniques, supplemented by elective (professional) courses. Core courses of a particular programme are compulsory for all the students registered in that programme. Elective courses are of the professional nature. Eligibility for a degree, a student must complete requisite number of core and elective courses. However, to bring in flexibility a wide choice of electives has been offered to the students in order to make their training broad based.

At present the University offering M. Tech Programs in the following areas:

S.NO Specialization Department
1 Material Science & Technology Metallurgical Engineering
2 Power Plant Engineering and Energy Management Mechanical Engineering
3 Manufacturing Technology & Automation Mechanical Engineering
4 Power Electronics and Power System Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5 Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering
6 Structural Engineering Civil Engineering
Digital Initiatives :                                                        
Admission Open 2024 - 25