The BBA programme is a three-year full-time course, intended as the first degree which helps students to develop a well- rounded skill set for entering in to the world of business. Students study a diverse set of subjects covering the fundamentals of business management and gain an understanding of major areas of global business. With this foundation, students become well positioned to go for further specialization in disciplines such as Finance, Marketing & Sales, Analytics, Operations or pursue a more general management oriented paths at work or study. Specially designed elective courses help students who wish to join family businesses.

Specialization offered

  •  Marketing Management
  •  Financial Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Family Bussines Management

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (PO) - Management Graduation

PO-1: Knowledge and Problem Solving: Understand the management concepts and apply the knowledge to the various managerial problems to identify, formulate and analyze complex problems.
PO-2: Logical thinking: Develop logical thinking and expertise by critically analyzing the facts in decision making with reasoning and analytical skills required to qualify for various competitive exams.
PO-3: Ethics and citizenship: Able to recognize different managerial value systems and ethical principles; and commit to professional ethics, norms, and responsibilities of the management practice; and act with informed awareness to participate in civic life activities
PO-4: Society, Environment and Sustainability: Enhance ability to elicit views of others and understand the impact of various solutions in the context of societal, cultural economic, health, legal, safety and environment for sustainable development.
PO-5: Communication: Communicate effectively their knowledge of marketing, finance and human resources from basic concepts to specific details presentations through a variety of oral and written means of communications to a diverse group of people using appropriate traditional and emerging presentation tools.
PO-6: Leadership and Team Work: Able to work effectively as a member of team, lead as a team leader by applying managerial concepts.
PO-7: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ability to develop entrepreneurial skills with precision, analytical mind, innovative thinking, creative thoughts and systematic approach.
PO-8: Life-long learning: Acquire fundamental knowledge for lifelong learning to work in the dynamic business environment through planning, organizing and coordinating for achieving effective results as a self-directed professional and a leader.


PSO-1: Inculcate basic knowledge of marketing management, human resource management, financial management and family business management.
PSO-2: Ability to resolve complex problems through managerial skills of leadership, interpersonal relationship, communications etc.
PSO-3: Ability to work in the dynamic business environment through planning, organizing and coordinating for achieving effective results.
PSO-4: Ability to a perform effectively through strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making.


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BBA 2023-26

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