The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and it is one of the fastest growing major economies of the world. There is a requirement of a large pool of trained management professionals in all sectors and at various levels to meet the challenges of global competition and growth. Many companies are building a talent pool by recruiting fresh MBA students and make them perform in their jobs by providing them with organizational and industry specific skills.

The two-years full time MBA programme under the School of Management (SOM) follows a semester pattern. The first two semesters consists of foundation courses in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Operations etc where as the second year consists of Core and Elective Courses. There is a 8-week summer internship project during the intervening period between the second and third semester where the students visit a company to gain hands-on experience on the workings of real life businesses. Keeping in view of the brand mantra of “Learning by Doing”, the course is interspersed with industry visits, case studies, projects, management games, role plays, corporate interactions, activities and so on.

Specialization offered

  •  Marketing Management
  •  Financial Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Operation Management
  •  Business Analytics *

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (PO) - Management Post-Graduation

PO-1: Domain Knowledge: Attain profound knowledge in discipline with advanced concepts of management to design the methodology suitable for encountering and applying the managerial knowledge to solve real-life complex problems.
PO-2: Critical Thinking: Able to take informed action on the basis of accurate and valid assumptions looking at the ideas and decisions from diversified managerial perspectives.
PO-3: Communication: Able to communicate and present managerial facts with clarity, conciseness and correct manner in both oral and written form.
PO-4: Leadership and Team Work: Able to demonstrate the leadership and work collaboratively as part of a team in different team roles.
PO-5: Ethics: Attain the managerial knowledge and skills to identify ethical behavior and truthful actions in all aspects and demonstrate standard professional ethics.
PO-6: Lifelong Learning: Ability to seek new knowledge and skills to inculcate the habit of selflearning throughout life and adapting to the dynamic business environment.
PO-7: Research: Acquire research skills to identify and analyze problems, formulate hypothesis, evaluate and validate results using appropriate tools, draw logical conclusions and ability to communicate the findings in appropriate manner.
PO-8: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ability to develop entrepreneurial skills with precision, analytical mind, innovative thinking, creative thoughts and systematic approach.

PROGRAM SPECIFIC OUTCOMES (PSO) – Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

PSO-1: Instill fundamental managerial skills of marketing management, human resource management, financial management and production and operation management.
PSO-2: Ability to apply theoretical knowledge of management to resolve complex practical problems.
PSO-3: Ability to work in multi-disciplinary environment through planning, organizing and coordinating for achieving effective results.
PSO-4: Ability to adopt the rapid changing business environment through applications of managerial skills.


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