Research in management must address contemporary issues and lead towards implementable solutions. Such research requires the scholars to develop familiarity with ground realities as well as ability to formulate rigorous research projects.

Keeping this in mind, the Ph.D programme at SOM, OPJU is designed to inculcate in the researchers with research skills and knowledge in various domains of management. This programs caters to the needs of the regular full-time scholars and working executives.

Candidates desirous of gaining a doctoral degree in Management may appear for an interview with the Departmental Research Committed (DRC) of SOM, OP Jindal University, subject to fulfillment of eligibility as per requirement and clearing the national level entrance examination. Selected candidates need to undergo through a coursework of one semester duration and after successful completion of the coursework, they are registered for the Ph.D programme.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (PO) - Management Doctoral Program

PO-1: Advance Knowledge: Attain in-depth knowledge in specialized disciplines with applications of advanced concepts of management to solve real-life problems.
PO-2: Research: Acquire research skills to identify and analyze problems, formulate hypothesis, evaluate and validate results using appropriate tools, draw logical conclusions and ability to communicate the findings in appropriate manner.
PO-3: Effective Communication: Proficient in oral and written communication skill to comprehend and write effective reports, design documents, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO-4:Professional Ethics: Acquire the knowledge of ethics and values to inculcate fair practices throughout their professional life.
PO-5: Project Management: Develop and apply knowledge of management in project management and finance principles, in a multidisciplinary setting, to carry out meaningful research and project work.
PO-6: Service and Leadership: Demonstrate, through service and integrity, the value of their discipline to the academy and community at large; build and sustain productive relationships by resolving problems and issues through interaction with people from diverse backgrounds as both leaders/mentors and team members.
PO-7: Lifelong Learning: Ability to seek new knowledge and skills and inculcate the habit of self-learning throughout life and adapting to contemporary demands of work place.
PO-8: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ability to apply innovative, analytical & critical thinking skills in solving real time business problems.


PSO-1: Ability to identify, analyze the real life problems through research for providing most innovative solutions.
PSO-2: Ability to think critically for adapting the dynamic business environment through creative thinking and problem solving skills
PSO-3: Induct management skills to apply in the research domain for generating effective results.
PSO-4: Ability to develop and communicate their research work independently.


Ph.D 2017

PhD Syllabus 2022 Onwards
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Admission Open 2024-25