A. Entry Level

S. NO Name of Scholarship Eligibility % in class 12th Scholarship Amount in (Rs)
1 Shri O.P. Jindal 90.01% & above 75000 55000 15000
2 Shri Prithviraj Jindal 85.01% to 90% 50000 35000 12000
3 Shri Sajjan Jindal 80.01% to 85% 40000 25000 10000
4 Shri Ratan Jindal 75.01% to 80% 25000 15000 8000
5 OPJU Merit Scholarship 70.01% to 75 % 15000 10000 5000
6 60% to 70 % 12000 8000 3000

*Aggregate of class XII(10+2) marks of all subjects excluding optional / additional subjects viz. Physical Education/ Fine Arts /Performing Arts/ vocational / non written subjects etc. of any recognized board.


The scholarships are given on an annual basis. To continue the scholarships after the first year, the student will have to maintain a minimum prescribed academic performance during the course of the programme. The students selected for any of the above mentioned scholarships in the first year will have to complete the entire course of duration at OPJU only

B. Merit cum Means

In addition to the entry level scholarships, also awards the Merit cum Means Scholarships every year to promote, acknowledge & inculcate excellence among the students and to provide financial support to the educational grooming of economically poor students.

C. OP Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarships (OPJEMS)

The students of School of Engineering and School of Management of OPJU are eligible for appearing in one of the prestigious national level Scholarship named "OP Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarships (OPJEMS)".

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S. NO Concession (%) Applicability
1 20% Wards of Jindal Group Employee & Employee him/her self
Students from all OP Jindal School
Alumni and Real Brother/Sister of alumni as well as existing students
A candidate secured cutoff marks in SAT
2 20% Female students wish to avail bus facility for transportation
3 50% Top 15 students of CIC-2017-18
Lateral Entry students (Diploma Holders) seek admission in second year of BTech Programme