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MBA Program for Working Professionals

The MBA program for working professionals is a unique program designed for the lifelong learner inthe early part of their career, who wants to continuously upgrade his/her skills, remain relevant, butcannot afford to give up his current state of employment. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy isfocused towards the people with experience, with a case based methodology allowing an environmentof rich interactions in the classroom amongst faulty, peers, and industry experts.
It is a 2 year (4 semester program) Modular Approach – Each with a specific focus to build business essential skills,professional expertise, leadership skills,ability to manage businesses, and a live industry project as a capstone.

  • Classes meet on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Full time faculty with global experience
  • Additional 5-6 hours of work is expected from students while not on campus doing project based learning each week
  • Cohort based learning with strong emphasis oncollaboration and peer to peer learning.